The word Atmanubhuti comes from Sanskrit words Atma(Self) and Anubhuti(Experience) thus the word Atmanubhuti means "Experience of Self".Atmanubhuti Yoga is a spiritual movement by Classical Yoga International Trust. It is sharing ancient wisdom of Yoga with focus on "Experience of self“. Through the practice of Atmanubhuti Yoga, the flow of vital energy in the body gets balanced, mind become concentrated and consequently the consciousness moves towards deep inner silence. In this inner silence, one experiences its true nature. This state is called "Atmanubhuti". It's also regarded as a highest state of Yoga. Practicing Yoga with purpose of Atmanubhutui, spontaneously brings health, inner peace and bliss. Atmanubhuti is the true asset of this life. If everyone follows the path of Atmanubhuti, naturally there will be peace in the world. The global family of Atmanubhuti Yoga aspirants called Atmanubhuti Yoga Sangha–AYSA, invites and welcomes everybody to Sangha. Let's live with a vision of "Blissful soul, Peaceful world". 🙏❤️🌺🙏❤️

Om Anandam
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