1.Feedback about School, any teachers or anything can be sent through websites  directly. Answers are given with best reply within 24 hours.


2. Data are collected though simple questionnaire after finishing of any course.


3. There are open talks once in week for all students. Such platform can serve as a way to share experience. Also, it can be useful in solving common problems. But, above all, we can stay up to date with student’s expectations and know what they need.


Find a complaint form from office and put in complain box. Or details of complain can be emailed on school’s official email i.e. classicalyogainternational@gmail.com. Application will be acknowledged by Public Relation Officer or School Principal and they will finally report to General Secretary of Board regarding complain. Acknowledgment of application should be within 3 days maximum. Information of compliant is confidential. It is not necessary for a compliant to mention his or her identity with complain.



Taking into account the nature of the complaint, its scope and the people involved, schools may assign a designated staff or set up a task force to handle the complaint with reference to the following arrangements:

  1. Staff members who are responsible for the appeal stage should be different from those responsible for the investigation stage. In principle, the staff dealing with the appeal should be of a higher rank than those responsible for the investigation. If this is not practicable, schools will make other arrangements, such as appointing staff from another department, to ensure fair handling.

  2. Where necessary, schools/sponsoring bodies may establish a task force to handle special complaint cases. To enhance credibility, the school may invite independent persons such as social workers, lawyers, psychologists, and parents or teachers not involved in the case to join the task force to provide professional advice and support.

  3. The appointed staff should be proactive in communicating with the enquirers/complainants, and prompt in providing responses as well as the information they need. Schools will also ensure that frontline/ designated staff have proper authorization and clearly understand their roles and responsibilities.



Our procedure includes the following steps.

1 – Acknowledging the complain

Acknowledging the complain within 3 days maximum. Thanks to the compliant for bringing the matter to our attention. Apologies are given at first instance. 

2 - Record details of the complaint

We go through the complaint in detail so we can understand exactly what the problem is. Keep records of all complaints in one central place or register. It helps to identify any trends or issues.

3 - Get all the facts

Check that we have understood and recorded the details of the complaint correctly. Ask questions if necessary.

4 - Discuss options for fixing the problem

Ask the compliant what response they are seeking; it could be a repair, replacement, refund or apology. Decide if the request is reasonable.

5 - Act quickly

Aim to resolve the complaint quickly.

6 - Keep promises

Keep the compliant informed if there are any delays in resolving their request.

7 - Follow up

Contact the compliant to find out if they were satisfied with how their complaint was handled.