1. About certification program

 Classical Yoga International School conducts two types of teacher training courses


200 Hours, Equivalent to Level -1 Course of Yoga Certification Board(YCB) of India.

500 Hours, Equivalent to Level- 2 Course of Yoga Certification Board(YCB) of India and 500 Hours tTC of Yoga Alliance. 


2. Validity of certificate

 Validity of the certificate of the courses less than 50 hours is forever.  Level 1 certificate is valid for 5 years and level 2 for 3 years. Yoga Alliance certificates are valid for forever too. 


3. Issuing of certificate

 The successful/ passed candidates of Level-1and 2 shall be issued certificate and ID card with unique number by the YCB. Yoga Alliance certificates will be given by CYI itself. 


4. Renewal of certificate

The candidate, certified under level 1 and 2 T.T.C courses, has to appear in the Continuing Yoga Education (CYE) program for renewal of his/her certificate.  Certified Yoga Professionals shall have to attend the CYEP before expiry of the certificate for its renewal. (Refer to CYE program guidelines for more details). 


5. Assessment procedure for certification of Yoga Professionals. 

 1) The assessment of students shall be in two stages – Theory and Practical

 2) The maximum marks for the assessment in any course will be 200 and the distribution of the marks shall be as follows.

  Theory- 60 Marks, Practical 140 Marks. 

  140 Marks of Practical is further divided as follows.

Demonstration (80 Marks), Teaching Skill (40Marks), Application of Knowledge (10 Marks), Field exp (10Marks)

3) There will be total 60 Questions of 1 mark each and total duration of 2 hours in both level. For practicum, each candidate shall be assessed for one hour.

4) Any candidate applying for the certificate has to appear in both the exams – Theory and Practical.

5) No. of questions will be equally divided in all the units.

6) The theory exam will comprise of Multiple Choice questions.

7) The candidates shall mark the answer in Optical Mark Reader (OMR) sheet.

8) There will be no negative marks in the written examination.

9) Theory exam paper of Yoga Professionals will be bilingual – English & Hindi. For exam in other language, the question paper will be in English and in the chosen language of exam.

10) If error is observed in the question in Hindi or other languages, the question in English languages shall be considered the correct question.

11) If some error is observed in the question paper, it shall be referred to the competent authority and competent authority shall take a view on it and decide on grace marks.

12) The candidate shall return both question paper and OMR sheet to the invigilator/center in charge after completing the paper or after the examination time.

13) Candidate absence in either of the theory exam or practical exam will be considered as fail. However, if any candidate who takes theory exam but is absent in practical exam, his/ her request for reconsideration for appearing in practical exam on some other date, may be considered by the school on merit basis.

14) The candidate has to secure qualifying marks both in theory and practical independently. If the candidates secures qualifying marks in practical but fails in theory, he/she can reappear for theory exam only once within 3 month of declaration of result. The candidate shall have to deposit the prescribed fee for appearing in the theory exam. If the candidate secures qualifying marks in theory but fails in practical, he/ she is treated as fail and he/she shall have to appear for the exam as fresh candidate. Such condition, the full assessment fee shall have to be paid by the candidate. His/her unique enrolment no. shall be valid.

15) The candidate has to secure 70% marks in each of the theory and practical to qualify/ pass the assessment. However maximum 5% of grace marks will be given either for theory or practical paper but overall qualifying percentage shall remain 70%. In case marks are in decimal figure, it shall be rounded off to higher number.


​6.Re-checking of Marks

1) If the candidate is not satisfied with the result, he/she can request the concern school for re-checking of theory exam by paying the prescribed fee for rechecking.

2) Re-checking is limited to the calculation of marks.

3) The candidate can request about the re-checking of marks within 15 days from the date of declaration of result.

4)If the candidate is still not satisfied, he/she can request the school for re-checking of the answer sheet in his / her presence. School shall arrange the OMR sheet and question paper in the presence of examiner on receipt of the prescribed fee.

5) In no case, the candidate is allowed to take the question papers / OMR sheet or its copy along with him/her.

6) School shall response within 30 days from the date of application.


​7. Attendance 

It is mandatory before any examination that the student should have at least 80% attendance in the course conducted related to that examination.


​8. Admit Cards

 Admit cards are given to all the students 5 days before the exam. Students who have not received the admit card.


9. Result declaration 

The result of the examination is pasted on the notice board of the school between 5 to 10th days after the end of the examination. Students are also informed through email.

10. Course Report

 It is responsibility school principal to collect all the informations regarding the examination i.e. called Course Report. In any kind of conflict regarding evaluation or any complain regarding exams can be reported to School principle within 15 days from the date of declaration of result. Appropriate answers or solution should be given within 30days by School Principal. In case of no satisfaction student can complain to School Director.

11. Sample rechecking In case of more than 5% wrong questions in exam paper, School will recheck all the answer sheets and full marks will be given in all those questions. Result will be redeclared within 15 days from recheck date of exam sheets.